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Album Retrospective – Silent Night (L010)

Silent Night (58:54) is a new, dynamic take on the classic holiday favorite, featuring over 58 minutes of music to help relax and inspire you during the busy holiday season.

As 2011 began and I was planning out the music I wanted to work on for Life Is My Soundtrack, I had the idea of doing a holiday-themed album. After a lot of searching and experimentation, I decided on the classic, Silent Night. it’s always been one of my favorite songs to listen to at Christmas, and I worked really hard on giving my take of it a bit of an ambient feel. The holidays can be such a busy, stressful time, and I wanted Silent Night to offer a few moments of peace, relaxation, and nostalgia…


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Album Retrospective – The Best Of, Vol. 01 (L009)

In The Best Of, Vol. 01 (63:42), travel from the depths of the sea to the farthest reaches of space. this “Best Of” album features songs from Into The Deep Blue Sea (The Dive) (21:52), A Silver Cloud (Sunshine) (20:16), and The Stars In The Sky (Into The Heavens) (21:34). If you are new to Life Is My Soundtrack, this album makes a great introduction.

With The Best Of, Vol. 01, I wanted to put together some of the most popular Life Is My Soundtrack songs into a single album. I also arranged it to travel in a vertical direction, by  starting in the ocean, working its way up into the sky, and finally ending deep in outer space…


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Album Retrospective – After Violet (L008)

After Violet (64:42) is a musical exploration of the far end of the color spectrum. Take a journey past Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue into Indigo (23:45), Violet (19:00), and After Violet (21:57).

I’ve always been interested in color. It can be bold, or subtle. It can promote relaxation, or energy, or even stress. It’s such a dynamic thing, and it affects us all, each and every day, whether we pay attention to it or not. I came up with the title After Violet in my head, while I was thinking about color and wondering what happens after it ends, and what that would look like in a musical context. The name led to both the concept, and a rough demo. The demo went through various stages, was featured in this short film (, and eventually led to the creation of the final album…


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Album Retrospective – Remixes, Vol. 01 (L007)

Remixes, Vol. 01 (64:56) features reinterpretations of songs from A Silver Cloud, In Twilight, and The Stars In The Sky combine to imagine the time between sunset and sunrise. The journey begins with A Silver Cloud (Goodnight Mix) (25:18), which imagines the experience of drifting off to sleep. In Twilight (The Dream Mix) (20:55) explores the often surreal experience of dreaming, and the feelings and faint memories that often accompany them. Finally, Through The Silence (The Dawn Mix) (18:43) ends the night with the rising sun of the new day.

When I was first thinking about starting the remix series, the idea was to take songs from the Life Is My Soundtrack series and reinterpret them in different and interesting ways. I’ve always enjoyed listening to different versions of songs (remixes, covers, etc.) and the idea of remixing my own work seemed like it would be a fun experiment. As I started to get into selecting the songs and writing, I realized that i could potentially take the remix concept to a deeper level by creating a story or theme around it. That idea really lit a fire in me and to me, the result is a unique album that uses familiar songs in a new way to tell a new story…


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Album Retrospective – Through The Forest (L006)

Through The Forest (65:40) imagines a quiet afternoon spent alone in the woods. The album begins listening to The Wind In The Trees (25:14), and then continues with an early morning walk through the forest in A Stillness In The Woods (14:24). The album ends lying Under The Shade (26:02) of a tall tree, looking up at the branches and the skies above.

On Through The Forest, I wanted to take the feelings of peace and tranquility that many people associate with being in the woods and put them in a musical context. The main challenge was finding the different instruments and textures that would invoke the right atmosphere. I also wanted to start the album with a realistic feel and then work towards ending in a sort of daydream-like state. This was a very rewarding album to work on, and I think it fits really nicely into the Life Is My Soundtrack collection…


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Album Retrospective – The Stars In The Sky (L005)

The Stars In The Sky (59:10) is a cinematic exploration through the vast expanse of space. The journey begins with Above The Auroras (14:51), which focuses on the stars and galaxies visible from just above the earth’s atmosphere. Next, in Through The Silence (22:45), the focus shifts to the idea of traveling through space over an indefinite period of time, leading to Into The Heavens (21:34), which imagines the deepest reaches of space, never before seen by human eyes.

With The Stars In The Sky, I wanted two things: to transport the listener from the earth to the unknown reaches of space, and to put music to the idea of silence. I’ve often heard that outer space exists in silence and it feels like one would feel very alone (though not necessarily lonely) there as well. I wanted to examine those themes in a musical context, and the result is the finished album, which takes both takes a journey and explores the silence of space in an interesting way…


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Album Retrospective – A Silver Cloud (L004)

A Silver Cloud (61:52) is over 1 hour of minimal piano melodies against a backdrop of cinematic soundscapes. The title track, A Silver Cloud (25:11) starts off the album with a combination of soft piano melodies and light, airy synths. The next song, Sunshine (20:16) takes a simple piano line and places it next to a dynamic, moving composition that envelopes the piano, leaving the cinematic motion to finish out the song. Finally, In Bloom (16:25) continues using the piano theme, imagining a blooming garden in the spring.

With A Silver Cloud, I was trying to mix pianos and soft backing pads, synths, and strings. I’m very happy with the result, as the album has a light, minimal feel to it. In addition, and unrelated, the title track, A Silver Cloud took the longest to compose of any song I’ve worked on for the Life Is My Soundtrack series (as of the time of this writing), due to the balancing act between the numerous melodies and counter-melodies…


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Album Retrospective – Beneath The Deep Blue Sea (L003)

Beneath The Deep Blue Sea (22:00) is the companion piece to Into The Deep Blue Sea, combining all of it’s songs (The Shoreline, The Tide, and The Dive) into a new and truly unique song, called The Swell (22:00).

When I was working on writing Into The Deep Blue Sea, I was experimenting with different sounds and textures, trying to get everything into place. I wanted to use the album to tell a story, so the songs had to be unique, but they also needed to work together as a whole. In an experiment, I played all three songs simultaneously and found that they worked surprisingly well together. Intrigued, I made a few small adjustments to the songs and what resulted had a strong, swirly sense of ambience, along with a unique emotional presence. Although Beneath The Deep Blue Sea has a strong sense of ambience, to me it feels right at home in the Deep Blue Sea series…


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Album Retrospective – Moonlight Sonata (L011)

In Moonlight Sonata (9:32), the first movement of Beethoven’s classic gets the Life Is My Soundtrack treatment…

During the holiday season of 2011, I spent some time listening to classical music. I rediscovered Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and it brought back memories of a close friend’s piano recital that I attended as a kid. Even at a young age, I remember really being struck by the beauty of its first movement. It had a dark, mysterious, romantic quality, and hearing it again inspired this arrangement. It was a joy to work on and a great way to start Life Is My Soundtrack’s 2012…


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Album Retrospective – Into The Deep Blue Sea (L002)

Into The Deep Blue Sea (58:04) is nearly one hour of ocean inspired music. It begins at The Shoreline (18:02), standing in the wet sand, looking out to the sea. Next, in The Tide (18:10), imagine yourself underwater, listening to the rolling waves crash above your head. Finally, travel out to the open ocean and explore its depths in The Dive (21:52).

When I was writing and working on the concept for Into The Deep Blue Sea, the idea I had was to make it into a story. I wanted it to feel like it had a natural progression. I’ve always been in love with the ocean and to me, it really all starts at the beach. Being out in the the ocean can be really amazing, but if you take away the sand and the waves, the experience feels incomplete. I wanted to paint a picture of the whole experience, and do it in a tangible way that listeners could connect with and enjoy…


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Album Retrospective – In Twilight (L001)

In Twilight (19:20) is a song to listen to in the dark. It features two distinct movements and a short outro, all woven together to create a seamless and relaxing experience. It also has the distinction of being responsible (in part) for the creation of the Life Is My Soundtrack series, as well as it’s first song/release.

In Twilight was created during an impromptu recording session that occurred when I accidentally borrowed my cousin’s guitar. He had played at a coffee shop the night before, and I had given him a ride home. We both forgot about the guitar, and the next day, I was surprised to find it in my back seat. I had some free time that day, so I decided to see what it sounded like in Pro Tools. What was meant to be a few minutes quickly turned into several hours and In Twilight was born. I was really excited with how it turned out, so I sent it to several friends to get their thoughts. The response that I got back was really surprising! Several people told me that listening to it had put them to sleep. One friend in particular, who was having medical issues that required her to take sleeping pills told me that when she listened to it, she was actually able to sleep without taking her sleeping pills. All the positive feedback was really encouraging, but I also knew that I was onto something more than just writing songs. It would take some time for me to officially start Life Is My Soundtrack, but I really believe that In Twilight played a huge part in the genesis of the project…


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Album Retrospective Series

At the time of this writing, there are over 150 songs in the Life Is My Soundtrack series, with probably another 100+ that have been demoed, or sketched out in some form. Additionally, I have ideas and concepts for countless other songs that I haven’t been able to get to yet.

I’m working hard to release as much new music as I can, and because of that, much of my time is spent looking forward. As soon as I release an album, I begin working on the next one, and I don’t often take time to reflect. I thought it might be an interesting idea to spend some time looking back on the albums I’ve released so far, and share my thoughts about their creation.

Thanks (as always) for your support, and I hope this upcoming retrospective series will be of interest to you!

1,000 Minutes Of Music

On Friday, February 3, 2017, I released the 27th album in the Life Is My Soundtrack series (Inspiration, Vol. 03), and also crossed an important milestone: 1,000+ minutes of music!

So what’s next for Life Is My Soundtrack? Getting to work on crossing the 2,000 minute mark!