Into The Deep Blue Sea (L002)

Into The Deep Blue Sea (L002) Into The Deep Blue Sea (58:04) is nearly one hour of ocean inspired music. It begins at The Shoreline (18:02), standing in the wet sand, looking out to the sea. Next, in The Tide (18:10), imagine yourself underwater, listening to the rolling waves crash above your head. Finally, travel […]

In Twilight (L001)

In Twilight (L001) In Twilight (19:20) is a song to listen to in the dark. It features two distinct movements and a short outro, all woven together to create a seamless and relaxing experience. It also has the distinction of being responsible (in part) for the creation of the Life Is My Soundtrack series, as […]

1,000 Minutes Of Music

1,000 Minutes Of Music On Friday, February 3, 2017, I released the 27th album in the Life Is My Soundtrack series (Inspiration, Vol. 03), and also crossed an important milestone: 1,000+ minutes of music! So what’s next for Life Is My Soundtrack? Getting to work on crossing the 2,000 minute mark!