Moonlight Sonata (L011)

Moonlight Sonata (L011) In Moonlight Sonata (9:32), the first movement of Beethoven’s classic gets the Life Is My Soundtrack treatment… During the holiday season of 2011, I spent some time listening to classical music. I rediscovered Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and it brought back memories of a close friend’s piano recital that I attended as a […]

Silent Night (L010)

Silent Night (L010) Silent Night (58:54) is a new, dynamic take on the classic holiday favorite, featuring over 58 minutes of music to help relax and inspire you during the busy holiday season. As 2011 began and I was planning out the music I wanted to work on for Life Is My Soundtrack, I had […]

The Best Of, Vol. 01 (L009)

The Best Of, Vol. 01 (L009) In The Best Of, Vol. 01 (63:42), travel from the depths of the sea to the farthest reaches of space. this “Best Of” album features songs from Into The Deep Blue Sea (The Dive) (21:52), A Silver Cloud (Sunshine) (20:16), and The Stars In The Sky (Into The Heavens) […]

After Violet (L008)

After Violet (L008) After Violet (64:42) is a musical exploration of the far end of the color spectrum. Take a journey past Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue into Indigo (23:45), Violet (19:00), and After Violet (21:57). I’ve always been interested in color. It can be bold, or subtle. It can promote relaxation, or energy, […]