Nostalgia (L015)

Nostalgia (L015) Journey back to a distant time where long forgotten memories come back to life… The idea for Nostalgia came about in the middle of writing and recording Gold. I was probably about half way through production, and the idea for a few new songs came to me rather suddenly. I felt they they […]

Whispers (L014)

Whispers (L014) Whispers (9:10) is a duo of delicate, minimalist songs that combine to evoke the sounds of quiet whispers… The concept of Whispers came to me quite unexpectedly, and it seemed like a great opportunity to begin to work on some shorter pieces. My previous album (A Starless Night) clocked in at just under […]

A Starless Night (L013)

A Starless Night (L013) A Starless Night (59:37) is nearly one full hour of ambient, relaxing soundscapes that will put your night at ease… When I was writing A Starless Night, I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go with it. My hope was to give it strong ambient tones and textures, […]

Lullaby (L012)

Lullaby (L012) Revisit fond memories of childhood, or make new ones with Life Is My Soundtrack’s rendition of Brahms Lullaby (59:17)… After working on Silent Night and Moonlight Sonata, I decided that I wanted to spend a bit more time with classic song reinterpretations, and I quickly decided on the very popular “Brahms Lullaby“. I […]