A Spark (L022)

A Spark (L022) Sometimes, it begins with a spark… A Spark was meant to have a bit of an edge to it, musically speaking. I was looking for songs that would explode, but I also wanted the explosions to be just a little bit on the sharp side, while still possessing a strong emotional element. […]

Inspiration, Vol. 01 (L021)

Inspiration, Vol. 01 (L021) Early concepts of 11 songs that helped inspire the Life Is My Soundtrack series… Inspiration, Vol. 01 is the first entry in a series within the Life Is My Soundtrack universe, featuring early and or alternate versions of songs that have been released. In Vol. 01, songs from sever albums are […]

About The Inspiration Series

About The Inspiration Series Some time ago, a thought occurred to me. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours writing and recording different material, only a very small fraction of which ends up being released. Songs go through different shapes and forms as I try and work through the writing process, and what I release […]