Life Is My Soundtrack

Instrumental Soundscapes

That Whisper, Bloom, And Explode


Life Is My Soundtrack is cinematic, instrumental soundscapes that whisper, bloom, and explode! Listen to it on Spotify by clicking HERE!


Featuring a variety of different styles of music, often blending multiple styles together, Life Is My Soundtrack has something for everyone! It’s a true music ecosystem, with songs that range from delicate and minimal to euphoric, to adrenaline-filled intensity, and everything in between!

Life is best with a soundtrack, so take Life Is My Soundtrack along with you and experience your life to the fullest! Feel inspired! Feel brave! Feel alive!


In addition to making your own playlists, you can also enjoy these ready-made Spotify playlists, curated by Life Is My Soundtrack. As the series expands, new playlists will be added regularly, so please check back often, and make sure to follow your favorites!

Life Is My Soundtrack (Favorites) / 175 songs / 9hrs, 14min

Life Is My Soundtrack (Remixes) / 76 songs / 3hrs, 56min

Life Is My Soundtrack (Phoenix) / 50 songs / 2hrs, 27min

Songs For Studying / 228 songs / 11hrs, 22min

Songs For Working And Creating / 228 songs / 11hrs, 22min

Songs For Relaxation / 125 songs / 12hrs, 29min

Songs For Sleep / 37 songs / 7hrs, 12min

Songs For Energy / 16 songs / 42min

Songs To Play Along With / 189 songs / 9hrs, 27min

Songs For Aquariums / 84 songs / 8hrs, 25min


Dominica S.

Within a minute of listening, I become focused and notice any anxieties or worries seem to disappear. Life Is My Soundtrack not only offers sound for the soul, but also an experience for the heart.

Dawn M.

Life Is My Soundtrack is so great to listen to! It takes me away from the busy world, where I can just relax in my own thoughts and the beautiful places I can feel in the music.

Katie K.

Beautiful in every sense!


If you don’t have Spotify, Life Is My Soundtrack is also available for download/streaming from:

Apple MusiciTunesBandcampAmazon, Google Play (#1/#2), Tidal, Microsoft Groove, Deezer, and other fine digital retailers!